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What's On Sale!

What's On Sale!
A Practical Handbook: From Piano to Strings - PDF Book/MIDI/PDF Workbook/Audio Bundle
SAVE $17.92! Exclusive to the Alexander Publishing store. ALL DIGITAL DOWNLOAD EDITION of From Piano to Strings PDF eBook, the PDF eWorkbook, MIDI files and MP3 audio for one value price! 100% downloadable.
Your Price: $39.95

Applied Professional Harmony 101 AND 102 PDF Bundle APH101+102PDF
SAVE $31.97! when you order Applied Professional Harmony 101 and 102 in one DOWNLOADABLE PDF BUNDLE. This series is a songwriter/composer's approach to learning harmony. You write and record everything you do.
Your Price: $39.95

Chris Hein - SOLO CONTRABASS [Download] BS-DWNLD-75285
NEW RELEASE! SAVE 5%! Chris Hein Solo ContraBass is a highly expressive library that can be used solo, or to create an ensemble. 38 articulations, 4-legato transitions, up to 8 dynamic layers. Uses free Kontakt Player
Your Price: $170.05

How Ravel Orchestrated: Mother Goose Suite PDF Book/Audio Bundle 978-0-939067-45-9PDFBUN
SAVE $21.96! All DIGITAL DOWNLOAD EDITION of How Ravel Orchestrated: Mother Goose Suite including PDF eBook, 3 bonus PDF color-coded scores, MP3 of Mother Goose Suite, and a duplicate set of PDF scores 8.5 x 14 from the book
Your Price: $39.95

Ircam Lab - THE SNAIL [Mac Only - Tuner/Analyzer Tool] PLG-Ircam-Snail
SAVE 50%! ENDS ANY DAY! The Snail, by Ircam Lab, is a MAC ONLY Tuner/Analyzer software. It analyzes the spectral components of a sound and displays it in visual form so you can see all the surrounding frequencies, overtones, and fundamentals.
Your Price: $49.00

Metric Halo - CHANNELSTRIP 3 - Million Dollar Console in your DAW [DOWNLOAD] MH-ChannelStrip3
SAVE 72%! ENDS FEB 28! ChannelStrip is the recognized leader in console style channel strip audio processing for digital audio workstations. Includes over 100 presets to help get your mix started and your sessions ready for mastering.
Your Price: $49.00

Metric Halo - CHARACTER - Virtual Analog Distortion [DOWNLOAD] MH-Character
SAVE 58%! ENDS FEB 28! Character lets you add the luscious distortion characteristics of classic analog circuits to your audio. Over 20 different models incorporating the sound of tubes, transformers and solid state devices, plus Drive control
Your Price: $75.00

Metric Halo - DIRTY DELAY - Visceral, Gritty, Musical Feedback Delay [DOWNLOAD] MH-DirtyDelay
SAVE 58%! ENDS FEB 28! Dirty Delay is a fantastic-sounding feedback delay processor for creating clean or dirty, vintage or futuristic, subtle or nasty audio. Dirty Delay adds rich and complex textures and movement without veiling the sound.
Your Price: $75.00

Metric Halo - HALOVERB - Create Your Perfect Space [DOWNLOAD] MH-HaloVerb
SAVE 58%! ENDS FEB 28! Add ambience and depth to your recordings with HaloVerb. Add subtle ambience or generate the sound of a vintage echo chamber. Extensive presets and easy to use UI let you dial in the sound you want quickly.
Your Price: $75.00

Metric Halo - MULTIBAND DYNAMICS - Sometimes the best EQ is a compressor [DOWNLOAD] MH-MultiDynamics
SAVE 58%! ENDS FEB 28! Multiband Dynamics adds clarity, warmth and punch to your mix. Shape the timbral quality, provide independent compression in each frequency range, sum the result through a limiter. Essential tool for mixing and mastering
Your Price: $75.00

Metric Halo - MULTIBAND EXPANDER - Expand Your Horizons [DOWNLOAD] MH-MultiExpander
SAVE 58%! ENDS FEB 28! Multiband Expander lets you manage, suppress and control noise in your tracks in a frequency-sensitive way. Uses 3 configurable independent expanders to smoothly suppress noise below the threshold you specify.
Your Price: $75.00

Metric Halo - PRECISION DE-ESSER - A Surgical Strike On Sibilance [DOWNLOAD] MH-DeEsser
SAVE 58%! ENDS FEB 28! DeEsser will remove excessive high frequency content from your audio. Comprehensive listening controls allow you to hear exactly what is (or isn't) being removed. Essential for vocal tracks and more.
Your Price: $75.00

Metric Halo - PRODUCTION BUNDLE - 8 Essential Plug-Ins [DOWNLOAD] MH-ProductionBNDL
SAVE 71%! ENDS FEB 28! The Production Bundle features 8 plug-ins to shape, tame, manipulate, and master your tracks. Includes ChannelStrip, Character, HaloVerb, Dirty Delay, De-Esser, Multiband Dynamics and Expander, TransientControl.
Your Price: $199.00

Metric Halo - TRANSIENTCONTROL - Transient Modifier & Waveshaper [DOWNLOAD] MH-Transient
SAVE 58%! ENDS FEB 28! TransientControl analyzes your audio and distinguishes between the onset of sounds (the attack), the sustain of sounds and the decay of sounds (the release). Use it to make an instrument sit in the mix or pop out.
Your Price: $75.00

Music From Lincoln Deluxe Score HL 04491245
NEW! SAVE $2.50! Includes 5 concert cues from John William's score to the movie "Lincoln": The People's House, Getting Out the Vote, Elegy, With Malice Toward None (for String Orchestra / for Solo Trumpet and Full Orchestra)
Your Price: $47.50