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Best Service

SAVE 5%! The Complete Orchestral Collection includes Peter Siedlaczek's newly programmed Advanced Orchestra, String Essentials 2, Orchestral Colors, Classical Choirs, Smart Violins, Total Pianos and more! 26GB. Uses free Kontakt Pla
Your Price: $179.55

Sonuscore - THE ORCHESTRA [Download] BS-DWNLD-75706
NEW RELEASE! All-in-one 80-player orchestral library featuring an ensemble engine and innovative tools that lets you create quick sketch scores with ease, or write complex orchestral arrangements in detail. Uses free Kontakt Player
Your Price: $399.00

Sonuscore - THE ORCHESTRA CROSSGRADE [Download] BS-DWNLD-75728
NEW RELEASE! CROSSGRADE to Sonuscore's THE ORCHESTRA for registered owners of Best Service / Peter Siedlaczek's: Complete Orchestral Collection, or Complete Classical Collection, or String Essentials libraries.
Your Price: $299.00

Sonuscore - TRINITY DRUMS [Download] BS-DWNLD-74821
SAVE 5%! Trinity Drums is a powerful collection of cinematic and modern percussion grooves by Sonuscore. Perfect for Film, TV and Game scoring. REQUIRES FULL KONTAKT SOFTWARE!
Your Price: $170.05

TITAN 2 - 266 Synthesizers In One [Download] BS-DWNLD-73366
SAVE 5%! Titan 2 includes a massive 266 synthesizers from the 70s through today. Titan 2 offers a massive range of synth sounds targeting dance, pop, Dubstep, cinematic, orchestral, organic and more. Uses the free Engine Player
Your Price: $189.05

Vital Arts - PLECTRUM V2 - Unique Prepared and Found Instruments [Download] BS-DWNLD-73404
SAVE 5% Vital Arts' Plectrum is a unique 12GB library of 187 instruments made by plucking, strumming, tapping, scraping, flicking a range of prepared instruments + found objects. Inspiration at your fingertips! Uses Free Kontakt Player
Your Price: $284.05

SAVE 5%! Voyager Drums includes 2 powerful Yamaha Drum Kits recorded from 3 mic positions. Round Robins and 16 velocity layers give added realism. Includes 360 MIDI Grooves for instant use. Uses free Kontakt Player
Your Price: $94.05

Yellow River Sound - GU ZHENG - Chinese Plucked Zither  (Download) BS-DWNLD-71610
SAVE 5%! Gu Zheng is an exquisitely sampled Chinese plucked zither with an authentic sound and detailed articulations. 5 Mic positions, up to 5 velocity layers, 3 bending tempos, MIDI files. Uses free Engine Player
Your Price: $122.55

Yellow River Sound - PEKING OPERA PERCUSSION [Download] BS-DWNLD-71778
SAVE 5%! Peking Opera Percussion brings you authentic Chinese drum and percussion sounds for solo and ensemble use. Up to 16 velocity layers and many articulations for a dynamic performance. Uses free Engine Player
Your Price: $122.55