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Sample Magic

Sample Magic
Sample Magic do not allow returns on downloadable software.
So please! Check the "System Specs" tab and watch the videos on the "Videos" tab
if you're unsure about suitability.


SampleMagic - BOOST - Mix Finalizing Tool [Download] PLG-DWNLD-BOOST
SAVE $50! Boost is a simple yet powerful mix processing plug-in designed to get tracks sounding as full, polished and loud as possible using a minimal amount of processing.
Your Price: $65.00

Sample Magic - MAGIC AB - The Ultimate Reference Track Tool [Download] PLG-DWNLD-MAGICAB
SAVE $37! Magic AB is a powerful reference tool that lets you easily load up to 9 reference tracks to compare your own mixes to, with an instant A/B comparison. Features programmable Cue and Loop points.
Your Price: $65.00

Sample Magic - PLUGIN BUNDLE - Boost | Stacker | Magic AB [Download] PLG-DWNLD-SM-BUNDLE
SAVE $120! Get all 3 Sample Magic Plugins for the price of 2! Includes BOOST: Mix Finalizing / STACKER: Drum Layer + Sound Design Tool / MAGIC AB: Reference Track Tool
Your Price: $125.00

SampleMagic - STACKER - Ultimate DrumLayer Tool [Download] PLG-DWNLD-STACKER
SAVE $37! Stacker is a powerful drum layering plug-in that uses sampling and synthesis across multiple layers to create personalized drum sounds, from cutting-edge beats and vintage hits to cinematic-style SFX.
Your Price: $65.00