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Film Score Guides

Film Score Guides
Alex North's A Streetcar Named Desire 978-0-8108-6393-4
Alex North's A Streetcar Named Desire: A Film Score Guide examines the acclaimed score for Elia Kazan's much-celebrated adaptation of Tennessee Williams's A Streetcar Named Desire (1951).
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Bernard Herrmann: The Ghost & Mrs. Muir Scarecrow-ghost
Herrmann's score reinforces the film's romantic theme, and much of the music has an appropriately elegiac quality. In mood, orchestration, and even to some extent thematic identity, it seems to prefigure his music for Vertigo.
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Danny Elfman: Batman 978-0-8108-5126-9
This book examines Elfman's scoring technique and provides a detailed analysis and commentary on the Batman score.
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Ennio Morricone's The Good, the Bad and the Ugly 978-0-8108-5132-0
This guide demonstrates Morricone's unique and enduring contributions to the art of film music through a discussion of his compositional and orchestrational processes, many of which are evident in his music for The Good, the Bad and the Ugly.
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Erich Wolfgang Korngold: The Adventures of Robin Hood 978-0-8108-5888-6
In Erich Wolfgang Korngold's The Adventures of Robin Hood: A Film Score Guide, author Ben Winters uses manuscript and archival research to challenge preconceived notions about the score's composer and its authorship.
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Gabriel Yared: The English Patient 978-0-8108-4965-5
Gabriel Yared's score for The English Patient testifies to the continued appeal of a classical, noncommercial style of scoring, eschewing the use of contemporary pop music for a more 'timeless' sound.
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Music For The Movies: 4-DVD Bundle (Herrmann, Delerue, Takemitsu, Hollywood Sound) Mus4MovBundle
SAVE $15! With this 4-DVD set of all the Music For The Movies videos. Inlcudes: Bernard Herrmann, Georges Delerue, Toru Takemitsu, and The Hollywood Sound (Korngold, Steiner, Waxman, Newman, Raskin). A real treat for Film Music lovers! CLICK NAME FOR MORE
Your Price: $84.96

Mychael Danna: The Ice Storm 978-0-8108-5941-8
In Mychael Danna's The Ice Storm: A Film Score Guide, Miguel Mera explores the music and sound Danna uses in his score.
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The Making of Close Encounters of The Third Kind HL 00314760
“Ray Morton has written the definitive book on this innovative movie by Steven Spielberg...Meticulous research of this caliber is not found in other books on Close Encounters. Fans will find Morton's take informative and fascinating.” – Library Journal.
Your Price: $19.95

Lalo Schifrin - Mission Impossible My Life in Music w/CD 978-0-8108-5946-3
An engaging autobiography of Lalo Schifrin - musician/conductor/composer of 60+ jazz and classical works and 100+ Film/TV scores including Mission Impossible, The Amityville Horror, Bullitt & more. Includes audio CD of famous works. CLICK FOR MORE...
Your Price: $39.06

Movie Music Man - A Portrait of Lalo Schifrin DVD D4546
SAVE 10%! This hour-long DVD explores the life and works of Lalo Schifrin, composer of the Mission Impossible Theme, Bullitt, and The Fox. Includes live concert footage and clips from Schifrin's works. CLICK NAME FOR MORE...
Your Price: $17.99

Music by Gabriel Yared DVD D4284
SAVE 10%! This hour-long DVD is an intimate documentary exploring the life and works of Gabriel Yared, Oscar winning composer of films like The English Patient and Cold Mountain. CLICK NAME FOR MORE.
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Music For The Movies: Bernard Herrmann DVD D4176
SAVE 10%! This hour-long DVD explores the life and work of legendary film composer Bernard Herrmann who worked with such giants as Alfred Hitchcock, Orson Welles and Martin Scorsese. Features Interviews and clips of Herrmann's scores. CLICK NAME FOR MORE.
Your Price: $22.49

Music For The Movies: Georges Delerue DVD D4177
SAVE 10%! This hour-long DVD focuses on Georges Delarue, composer of 351 feature films, TV movies, TV series, documentaries, and short films including Platoon and Steel Magnolias. Features interviews with Oliver Stone and Ken Russell. CLICK NAME FOR MORE.
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Music For The Movies: The Hollywood Sound DVD D4178
SAVE 10%! This 85-min documentary explores the "Hollywood Sound" through legendary composers Erich Korngold, Franz Waxman, Max Steiner, David Raksin and Alfred Newman. Music clips performed by the BBC National Orchestra of Wales. CLICK NAME FOR MORE...
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